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top travel blogs by roadbikehubFinding an authentic travel blog can be a grueling and disappointing task. You can hunt through insincere stories that lead to nothing but a stream of advertisements.  I’ve compiled a group of blogs that cover the best road bike blog sites, cycling tips and hiking with your family how-tos from around the world.


I have included several sites for the solo road cyclist, blogs for adventure-wary and adventure-obsessed families, and great trip tips for travel on every single continent. You’ll find everything you need, from shopping for a biking fashionista in the UK, traveling by only a tent and your bike for years across the globe. Mechanic tips, trip suggestions and stunning photography that give National Geographic a run for its money are also included.  Read on below for the dirty, real, beautiful personal blogs about adventure road biking!

Byron Kidd’s Tokyo By Bike

Byron Kidd is an avid cyclist who is working both internationally and with the Japanese government to push forward the rights, culture and education about Japanese cycling.

His site offers detailed current biking news, information about local laws about cycling, and the infrastructure of biking in Tokyo. If you’ve ever been curious about cycling in Japan or want an in-depth look at Japanese cycling culture, this is your go-to site.

Loving the Bike


Sometimes you’re not sure what you want to read until you find something exciting. I selected this site because it has a vast contribution from different authors including how-to articles, tips for snacking for the avid cyclist including multiple recipes for the road, and tips on things you may never consider like life insurance for road bikers.

They offer accessory tips for specific locales (do you need an umbrella in Oregon or different tires in Spain?), and they host what they call “bike school” once a week where you can join them on Twitter and talk all things road bike which is an awesome community approach to the online world of road biking information.


Made for the fashionable cyclist, Cycle Chick is a shopping and bike fashion site located in the UK. You can check out bikes, helmets and accessories including clothing and gifts for the cycling enthusiast. If you enjoy road biking and want to add a little flair, or give a gift to the fashionable lady biker in your life, this is a great site.

Free Wheeling France


Free Wheeling France offers an extensive look at cycling across France. You can rent bikes, find out where to stay and discover the best routes for your vacation or weekend road cycling adventure.

They offer to organize bike tours, showcase competitions for you to watch or join in, and point out the best places to cycle in France. They offer advice on ways to plan your trip and give useful tips about the pros and cons of French cycling.

Dave and Deb Give You The Planet D


Dave and Deb the dynamic duo of destinations offer you a lot of travel spot information, trip journals and photography from their 8 years of traveling around the world experience on The Planet D!

The page is worth of visit for the photo gallery alone, which is stunning and worthy of its own travel Photography book.

Eric and Amaya’s World Biking


This couple’s travel blog site offers exciting and personal tales of bike touring around the world together as a lifestyle.

Eric and Amaya have been cycling together since 2006 and offer an extensive list of 102 countries they have travelled through. They also offer an interesting look of real-world biking over 115,000 miles as a couple.

The Family Adventure Project


Founded by Stuart, this site offers everything you need for trotting the globe as a family. It offers information for every continent and every type of adventure traveling. They showcase skiing, sailing, paddling, hiking, climbing and biking.

They advocate adventure parenting and bringing the entire family along for a travel adventure. Whether you are an experienced travel family and want to pick up new tips, or trying to decide on your first family adventure, this is a really great read.

Rascal Rides


Kristen writes this down to earth informative blog site about the trials and tribulations of biking with kids.

Rather than just giving you a top 10 list, she offers comparison charts so you can see the pros and cons of each type of equipment to carry infants, toddlers and younger riders so that your cycle obsession can continue even with the younger rider. She offers product reviews, resources and trip reports as well. If you’re an avid cyclist and are now facing bringing the young one along, this is a great site to check out.

Adam Leddin’s Cycle Exif


Founded by Adam, this is one of the most comprehensive site I have seen detailing information about touring bikes, mountain bikes, fixed gear for your tutoring and road bikes, and commuter bikes. If you have questions or want to browse a comprehensive list that won’t push sales, this is your go-to site.

Bike Shop Girl


Bike Shop Girl provides in-depth reviews and mechanical how-to articles on fixing and repairing, and purchasing, quality road bikes. They offer equipment top 10 articles, suggestions for family writing and bike commuting adventures, and guides for buying your road bike. Bonus: they also offer a mobile mechanic bike service.

Patrick’s Hike Ventures


Hike Ventures offers a personal and beautiful view of hiking, kayaking and camping throughout Europe hidden heavens. Patrick offers equipment reviews, destination information, awesome videos, and stunning photography.

An awesome bonus to Patrick’s site the route information he offers that includes photographs along the way so you know what your travels will encounter.

Jon & Frank’s Cycle Tourer UK


Jon and Frank, a husband-and-wife team, have joined up to make a cycle touring page to encourage and embolden all future road bikers to ditch traditional holiday vacations and replace them with cycling. They offer first aid advice, very in-depth road bike touring information for the UK and around Europe, and travel articles from all of their tours in various countries.

They offer great tips and notes and is an excellent go-to site for anyone wanting to road bike in Europe.

Cycling the 6


This fascinating site run by Steven Fabes chronicles traveling an epic journey of 6 continents over 6 years.

He covers his equipment, his route experiments, and road biking. He offers pointers on how to handle health, finances, and the trials, tribulations and joys of the road. It offers cycling advice for the budding road biking enthusiast and offers blog postssorted by each country he has visited. This is one of the more in-depth global road biking travel blogs with excellent travel photography.

Caravan Istan


Steven and Saule’stravel blog site is an interesting one-stop-shop for all of Central Asia traveling, and quite a bit more! Pretend you’re an explorer like Marco Polo traveling on the Silk Road, and head over to Steven and Saule’s site.

They offer visa services & tours through local providers and give you in-depth looks at exotic locales in Central Asia. It gives you spots to beware and spots to behold, and a comprehensive look at local culture as well as hiking and camping spots.It also offers excellent local photography to give you a feel of the place.

Am I Nearly There Yet


Am I Nearly There Yet offers personal articles on travel destinations around the globe. There are helpful travel advice sections, anecdotal stories and a lot of travel photography.

This blog site focuses on backpacking over the globe over long periods of time. It also offers some niche information like vegan traveling information and backpacking specific tips.

Indie Travel


Indie Travel’s road biking travel site encompasses much more than bike touring. It is a globe-trotting, worldwide adventure site that offers travel city guides, top spots to travel, and places to sleep off the leg cramps and enjoy great food across the world. It offers little-known spots of Heaven in the well-known destination areas.

Jeff Stacy’s Bike Tourings


Jeff Stacy’s site offers thorough, down-to-earth and personal views of camping and traveling slowly on the road while road biking. There are technical information sections, products and resources, but the goal of this site is to give you amazing sightseeing photography and a taste of what it is in the daily life when you stop to smell the roses while road biking.

If you want advice on how to slow down and enjoy your travel, and not think of road biking as racing, this is your site.


Jason Mitchell offers an in-depth look at road biking at Feed the Habit. He offers good road biking gear reviews, top news about road and mountain bikes and personal trip reports. He also offers comprehensive videos on his blog site.

If you want up-to-date technical information and gear reviews on all things  about road bike, this is the blog site for you.

Cool Adventures


Kim and Greg Hull offer a personal travel blog that includes top destination spots and where to stay in those areas with an in-depth look as a couple who have been there and can give you a first-hand review. They offer an adventure pursuit section on their site which shows you various the things you can do to keep yourself busy at any local destination, from native events and festivals to leisure activities and top spots to go cycling and hiking.

Rick's Hiking Blog


Rick McCharles offers a personal view of the best hikes and treks he’s traveled in the world. He offers destination spots with at-a-glance information so if you just want the top information you can get it right away. He also includes things to consider and why he truly likes the travel area.

The photography offered on this site is very personal and compelling, and offers a great look at what you would see firsthand on these trails.

The Appalachian Trials


The Appalachian Trials is the top site about all things you will encounter on the Appalachian Trails. This blog site offers resources, articles and how it is but everything you ever needed to know about the Appalachian Trail and traveling along it.

There is a variety of contributing authors so you get multiple points of view. They offer a store and a 101 guide in addition to their thorough articles. If you plan to hike the Appalachian Trail I highly recommend checking out their blog site.


Kim offers an exciting and realistic view of traveling the world with her husband and family. She quit her job to travel and is living the dream many of us are still only thinking about when we sleep. She offers exciting descriptive writing like a thrilling novel, and takes you with her across the world.

If you’ve ever thought about giving it all up and getting more out of life by traveling the globe, live vicariously through Kim and check out her blog.

The Big Outside


Ignoring the fact that this is an excellent blog site, Michael Lanza offers some truly exceptional Adventure photography. The Big Outside offers great advice on family traveling and adventures, tips on hiking, traveling and backpacking. Michael also offers many gear and equipment reviews, videos, and skills lists.

I highly advocate this site, and I really just need to say again how exceptional his photography is. It makes you feel like you are traveling there with his family.

Hike, Bike, Travel


This travel adventure blog site offers not only another stunning array of travel photos, but offers detailed adventure guides, travel tips and packing lists for every imaginable trip.  There are also firsthand hotel stay reviews, and guides for kayaking, backpacking and camping in addition to the best road bike traveling in the world.

Henk's Life and Adventure Journal


This is a fun adventure blog site that offers a variety of articles that show a real down-to-earth view of the desire, adventure and sometimes trouble of long road biking journeys. It is a realistic look of the joy that drives you to bike, and how it affects all other parts of life. It’s a heartfelt blog that I recommend for anyone wanted a real look at the life of a road bike enthusiast.

Dave Collins Presents Clever Hiker


Dave Collins offers a great list of reviews on his clever hiker blog site. He’s an accomplished traveler and hiker, and gives you a great overview on the top choices in camping and hiking equipment on the market. The blog site offers truly exceptional photography and great information on the top equipment choices.


Michael Fishman’s Pure Cycles road bike blog site offers a lot of technical articles such as how to install foot straps, water bottles and how to prepare yourself for long rides. It also offers information about road biking events and offers views and mini-biography on a variety of road bikers on a weekly basis.

Thomas Andersen’s Cycling The Globe


Thomas Andersen offers a solo road biking blog about cycling 360 countries clocking in over 60,000 kilometers – by himself. He offers an in-depth site showcasing videos and daily entries over the course of several years biking all over the world.

He has photographs worthy of National Geographic and an in-depth look at the local culture you would get to experience road biking the globe on his personal cycling site. A must read for those wanting to break free and give in to wanderlust.

The Hungry Cyclist


The Hungry Cyclists Lodge’s site is dedicated to accommodations and food stops for road bikers and friends, right in the heart of the French Burgundy wine region. It offers information on how to find the Hungry Cyclist Lodge, and sports beautifully drawn maps of the region.

The Hungry Cyclist Lodge is a destination spot for those interested in cycling in the picturesque wine valleys of France. It is a travel destination custom built for the vacation cyclist.

Cycling Uphill


Tejvan Pettinger offers an up-to-date blog on passes and roads in the UK, and Europe,It offers funny insight, and down to earth advice and information on the road conditions. It also includes extremely technical data on the height and distance of the hills and passes, with information about the gradients and terrain.

Tejvan also inserts interesting historical blurbs in the blog, and creates something definitely worth a read for anyone interested in beautiful road biking terrain that offers a challenge.

Family Adventures in The Rockies


Tonya Koob offers a real world look of hiking, biking, camping and any other outdoor exploring you can imagine with children. She offers advice on some of the best places for toddler or preschooler hikes, and the blog includes some truly amazing pictures.

Tonya’s site also includes best day trips and picnic sites, which is awesome for those who only have the weekend to enjoy themselves in and around the Rocky Mountains.

Sheila and Kai’s 2 Cycle 2gether


Sheila and Kai have created an awesome humanitarian road biking blog about sustainable living and bicycling across the globe. Sheila and Kai are a couple on a pilgrimage to make a world that is better for everyone.

Their new travel blogs are a little more personal than most, but the gear list comment resources and travel equipment information is much more detailed on here than many other sites. If you were curious about what a real globe-trotting, road biking couples actually uses on a daily or weekly basis while traveling, this is unquestionably your go-to site.

Jason Welsh’s Travel Inspiration


Leif is a certified world traveler who has documented his trips through nearly 80 countries over the last ten years.  As a runaway at 16 he learned about life on the road the hard way, and has turned it in an adventurous, successful lifestyle.

His blog site offers insightful real-world experience of life on the road and his path to an enlightened life.  It’s an interesting read that reminds us how diverse we all are as people.

The Runaway Guide


Leif is a certified world traveler who has documented his trips through nearly 80 countries over the last ten years.  As a runaway at 16 he learned about life on the road the hard way, and has turned it in an adventurous, successful lifestyle.

His blog site offers insightful real-world experience of life on the road and his path to an enlightened life.  It’s an interesting read that reminds us how diverse we all are as people.

Cycle Trekkers


Cycle Trekkers Founded by Kelly and Michael.

Kelly and Michael are currently cycling around the world and sharing their journey, tips and lessons learnt, as well as videos and photos on their website.It’s an interesting blog site that reminds us how diverse we all are as people.


Did you enjoy your globe-trotting bike tours through the eyes of these adventurers? I hope I covered what you wanted to know to start your adventure in road biking, or an article you read in one of these blogs inspired you to go live life to the fullest. There are hard, dirty, beautiful truths about travel, life and biking in these articles and I hope your experiences get added to this list one day!

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