Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire Bike ~ Your Ultimate Biking Choice

alton mammoth fat-tire bike

Once upon a time fat bikes were awkward and out of place, but today fat bikes (such as Alton Mammoth fat-tire bike)  are all the rage. Not only will you find an array of fat bikes being sold on the market, you will also find special events dedicated to fat bike racing.

Let me put it simply; if you don’t have a fat bike, then you’re missing out. But what exactly should you be looking for in a fat bike? What features should you focus on while picking a final option? Which fat bike is the best?

Well, there are numerous fat bikes to choose from, but one bike that seems to outperform the rest is the Alton Mammoth fat tire bike. This well designed bike has been created for the avid cyclist who wants the versatility of a mountain bike. This bike can tackle any terrain you put in front of it, and it guarantees consistent fun.

That is why I will be reviewing the Alton Mammoth fat-tire bike below, so that you can see what it has to offer you.

Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire Bike Review

Bike Frame

Let’s start with the frame. The Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire bike comes with a 26-inch alloy frame, which weighs 36lbs. While this is not the lightest frame on the market, it is still easy to control and maneuver.

Additionally, the frame is sturdy and stable, and it is built to support light and heavy riders alike.

Alton mammoth fat tire bike

Alton Mammoth Fat Tire Bike


Gearing is an important aspect of any bike, as it determines how fast you will travel at all times.

In the case of Alton Mammoth bike you have a Shimano Altus 7-speed shift lever, which works together with a Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur, and a 44T alloy crank arm.

Now this might all seem like gibberish to you, so let me explain how these components will benefit you.

The gearing components have been designed to give you the speed you need while cutting through tracks and trails, and the smooth shifters have been designed to rapidly change when you want to adjust your speed.

This makes your riding easy and enjoyable.


Many road bike use rim brakes; however, Alton Mammoth has opted to go with Promax disc brakes.

These brakes are efficient and reliable, and they will perform well even in wet and muddy conditions.

This means that you can ride without worrying that your brakes will fail.


I’ve saved the best Alton Mammoth road bike feature for last; let’s talk about its tires.

 The Alton Mammoth bike comes with 26-inch by 4-inch Innova tires, which are definitely wider than the average road bike tire on the market.

These fat tires have Spider treads for better traction, allowing you to blaze through dirt, sand, and snow with ease.

Who is Alton Mammoth best for?

If you love spending time on the beach, then the Alton Mammoth fat-tire bike is perfect for you. This brilliant bike will ride across the sand and surf with ease, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner.


  • Easy to ride off road
  • Can be customized to meet your specifications
  • Fat tires are excellent
  • Shifts easily


  • Bell is low quality
  • Seat is uncomfortable

Consumer Ratings

What do Alton Mammoth road bike owners have to say about it? Well, the most common compliment about this bike is that it is fun to ride on and off the road. The Alton Mammoth has also been described as easy to control, with the ability to glide over rough terrain.

With the exception of the low quality bell, there are no big drawbacks of this bike. It’s no surprise that it has a 4.7 star rating.

Alton mammoth fat tire bike

Alton Mammoth Fat Tire Bike

Final Verdict

As you can see from this Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire Bike review, the fat-tire bike has a lot of great features to offer you. This customizable bike will ride easily over smooth and rough terrain alike, and it gives you access to a range of gears which you can shift without breaking a sweat.

The drawbacks of the bike are minor, as you can replace the bell and seat without spending too much money. I definitely believe that the Alton Mammoth is the perfect option for all cyclists interested in owning a fat-tire bike.

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