How To Change A Bike Tire [Your Step by Step Beginner Guide]

learn how to change a bike tire

Riding a bike is easier and pleasant always indeed.

But you know, what is the most irritating thing about riding a bike?

A flat tire!


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Yes, this is the most unpleasant issue about a bike ride. But if you know how to change a bike tire, this would be no concern for your next trip to a highway.

People ride bikes for numerous reasons. And they really appreciate the bikes or (bicycles) because of their benefits. They prefer the bikes as those pieces save fuel; they cut the weight and also ensures a risk-free journey.

bike pumping tipsMoreover, the bikes are able to make you feel relaxed at some points. You can enjoy the sights when you are on a trip on a bike.

But troubles occur when the tire is flat and you have no supports around. This is almost impossible to get mechanical supports to remove the flat tire and replace it.

But if you have the idea how to change a bike tire without tire levers, it would be easier for you to deal with the adverse situation.


How many types of tires are there?


types of tires are

Well, the answer is not that simple like the question is. According to There are different types of bicycle tires are available. A few of them are listed here.

–    Mountain bike tires

–    Racing Tires

–    Semi-slick tires

–    Road touring tires

–    Slick bike tires

–    Inverted tread tires

–    Knobby tires

–    Wider Tires

–    Puncture resistant tires

–    Tubeless tires

–    Rubber Tires

–    Studded tires

–    And more…


How to pump a bike tire?

pump a bike tireThis is one of the most important things for a bike rider to know about. In fact, often you need to pump the bike tire.

This is a simple task and you will need to apply some sense to ensure if the tire is filled perfectly with the right amount of pressured air or not.

Check the tire

In the beginning, you should check the tire(s) completely. If it is punctured, you will need to change the tire. Or, it is low in the air; you will need to inject some air through an air pumper to refill the air.

Get a bike pump

This is the first step. You need to collect a bike pumper to pump the tire. Ensure the bike pump adjust with the valve you have on your bike tire. Since there are a couple of types of tires valves are available, verify your pump sets with the valve.

Remove Valve Cap

As the second step, you have to remove the valve cap from the valve on your bike tire. A couple of taps are enough to remove or unscrew it.

Attach the pump

Now, attach the pump to the tire valve. Make sure the pump fits with the valve opener. And when everything is alright, start pumping.



Do not forget to check if the air pressure is optimal. When you will feel that the air level reaches the optimal level, stop pumping.

You are done with the pumping issue!


How to change a bike tire?

How to change a bike tireThis is another important aspect for the bike riders. They often need to change their bike tires or wheel.

But a good number of them are unaware how to change a bike wheel at all. So, this is really an unmanageable matter for them.

The steps mentioned here will help the readers to get the basic ideas about changing a bike tire.

Remove tire

This is the first step. If you notice the tire is flat, you need to get rid of that first. You can do it easily using a lever. Insert the flat end of the lever under the tire bead.

Then insert another lever in another end. Slide the lever between the rim and tire unless the tire is removed.

Look for punctures

When you tire will be out, you will have the tire tube in your hand. Now, check thoroughly to find out the punctures. You may also clean the tube for a better look.

Get a new tube

If you find any puncture or hole in the tube, you need to replace it. Get a new tire tube and install it inside the tire.


pump a bike tire

In this fourth step, inflate the tube. Make sure, you give the right amount of air to the tube with a pump. Do not over pump the tube.

Replace the tire

This time, you need to attach the tire back to its rim of your bike. But you need to check if the valve stem is inserted through the rim hole.  Move the bead back into the tire rim, gently.

Tighten the screw

Now, in this final step, tighten the screw of the wheel. You are done.

The entire process is easier. As a bike rider, you will just need to pay some attention to the details described here.

So, hopefully, you got the idea now that how to change a bike tire.

Similarly, some of you might want to know how to change a bike wheel or how to change a bike tire without tire levers. Hope to be with the tips and tricks in some other days.


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