How to Clean a Road Bike

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Cleaning a road bike is one of the mandatory parts for increasing its durability and speed.

If you have a road bike and you use it frequently, ensuring proper cleanliness is a must. The actual reason for cleaning the bike is getting proper service for a long time. Road bikes are quite strong and have the power to deal with unfriendly conditions.


But, frequent uses and irregular cleanliness can decrease the speed and pace of the bike.


The proper maintenance of a road bike is cleaning it properly.


How will you do it?


In a nutshell, you need to use some easy cleaning tools and get the shininess. By using a few buckets of water, biodegradable washing liquid, and brushes, you can clean the bike at home. You have to make sure that each part of the road bike is cleaned perfectly.


As you now know that the technique is easy, let’s discuss more of this operation to ensure a safe driving by your road bike.


Why Is Cleaning Necessary for a Road Bike?

how to clean your bike

Any metal piece that can move, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles, have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you are thinking, “Why?”; the answer lies in your intention to keep the bike under proper maintenance. The speed of a road bike depends mostly on the chain and wheels.

For example, when you use a mountain bike on a road, this will not go as fast as a road bike. The reason for this kind of outcome is the mechanism.


A road bike is meant to be driven on the road. You have to take care of the metal chain and wheels in order to run it fast. No matter how much you spent on the mechanism, cleanliness ensures how the road bike will perform according to your paddling.


Along with the speed, another reason for cleaning a road bike is the acceptability among others. When you find other road bikes shinier and speedier, you may want the same for yourself. And, this will be possible if the chain of the bike is smooth and the wheels are clean. Again, you will not need a plenty of tools to make this happen.


Most of the time, a road bike is used in urban areas. The roads are filled with dust and there are a lot of pollutants. Eventually, the metals used in the road bike lose the shininess and the bike starts looking like an old one. To get rid of such situation, there is no better alternative than cleaning it on a regular basis.

What Will You Require For The Road Bike Cleaning Purpose?

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There are several types of equipment necessary for this operation.

  1. A medium Size bucket or a water-hose will also work fine
  2. Biodegradable washing liquid
  3. Grease-remover
  4. Cloth
  5. Lubricant for chain
  6. Brush
  7. A piece of sponge


You will find each of these in a bike shop or a workshop. Rather than taking the road bike to there, you can save time and money for a one-time investment for the latter cleaning process.


When you gather all the tools, you have to take the bike in an open place such as lawn or rooftop. Depending on the convenience of water availability, you can choose any place you wish!



Step by Step Road Bike Cleaning Guide


The whole process of cleaning your road bike consists of only 8 steps. These are described in the following.

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Step 1: Chain-cleaning

The most important part of a road bike is its chain. This part has to move more frequently than any other parts of the transport. Because of continuous movement, it gets dirty faster than any other parts. Also, the oil used previously gets clogged in holes of the chain. Using water can worsen the situation. So, you have to start with cleaning the chain.


Take a brush and add some degreaser on it. Clean every part of the chain carefully. When you finish cleaning the old oil from the upper surface, clean the holes. Finally, add the chain lube or a high-quality lubricant on it. Spin the chain twice or thrice to make it reach everywhere.


Step 2: Disc-Cleaning

An inseparable part of a road bike is the disc. It also loses shininess and gets clogged with dirt in its flexion points. Unlike the chain, you have to clean the disc with a paper cloth. Gently rub the disc with the degreaser for cleaning them.


Step 3: Wet the Road Bike

When you finish cleaning the first two parts, it requires moving to the main cleaning process. Use water on your road bike and make it wet. You can either use a bucket or a hose depending on the availability.


Wet its every part except the seat and handle. To reach in difficult parts, use the sponge piece. Simply go through the whole area with water. After the first wash, mix the washing liquid according to the instruction and requirement. Keep a balance between the water and the liquid. Then, give a second wash with this mixture using the sponge.

Step 4: Brush the Parts

On the wet bike, start brushing from the top. Remove dirt, mud and other particles from the surface. Brush properly on the handle, wheels, and paddles. Make sure that there is nothing left untouched. To soften the mud, you have to wait for a few minutes. Then, remove it easily.


Step 5: Rinse with Strong Water Flow

After completing the above steps, start rinsing the bike with water. Either you can rinse using a pot and the bucket or the hose. If the water flow is strong, it will be easier and more useful for rinsing the road bike.

You must remove dust and mud from complex positions while rinsing. Keep the process going on until it looks clean.


Step 6: Buffing

When the rinsing is over, start the buffing with a paper towel. Use a little bit of polish on the paper to increase the shininess. Though we have not included the item, this is a major cleaning chemical for any bike.


Step 7: Lubricating the Chain and Gears

The final cleaning step is reapplying the lubricating oil on the chain and other gears. This will enhance the speed as well as the shininess.


Step 8: Drying

Keep the road bike at a gentle temperature to dry the wet parts. Don’t take it under scorching sunlight or freezing cold!

What Else Would You Apply for Cleaning Your Road Bike?


This process we described is a standard cleaning procedure for a road bike. Most of the bikers follow it for maintaining the cleanliness of their bike.

Do you have any question about the liquid uses or any other step?

Let us know in the below comment box.

Also, you are welcome to share your valuable thoughts and idea about this cleaning process. Let us know about your concern, suggestions, and queries.

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