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How Much Does a Bike Fitting Cost?

Bike fitting is an important process that helps you find the perfect bike for your body and riding style. The cost of a bike fitting can vary depending on the type of fitting you need and the location of the shop. A basic bike fitting usually costs around $100, but a more comprehensive fitting can […]

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How To Pump Road Bike Tires Effectively

To keep your road bike running smooth and fast, pumping the tires on a frequent basis is a must. You will need to know about different methods of pumping for using it at any moment while riding. Pumping road bike tires is a simple but systematic task. The rider must know the procedure of making […]

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How To Use Road Bike Gears : A Guide for All the Riders

  The most useful factor of having a road bike is its gears. Road bike gears are the actual tool for decreasing plenty of human efforts.   Appropriate uses of the road bike gears can give you an outstanding riding experience.   However, for beginners, this may seem a bit difficult. But soon the system […]

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How to Pedal a Road Bike for Saving Energy and Going Fast

For some bikers, pedaling is one of the easiest parts. Having proper and scientific knowledge on this task can help to make this thing easier for every biker.   If the output coming from the bike by pedaling is not as expected, you are probably doing something wrong. There are certain techniques which can be […]

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How To Measure Road Bike Frame Size

The size of a road bike is determined by the frame size. It is utterly necessary to have the knowledge of measuring the frame. If you are going to buy a road bike for the first time, this measurement procedure is a must to learn. Road bikes are of different sizes depending on the variety […]

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How to Clean a Road Bike

Cleaning a road bike is one of the mandatory parts for increasing its durability and speed. If you have a road bike and you use it frequently, ensuring proper cleanliness is a must. The actual reason for cleaning the bike is getting proper service for a long time. Road bikes are quite strong and have […]

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