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How To Choose A Road Bike Saddle

A road bike saddle not only provides you with seating space but it is important that it deliver on functionality, performance as well as comfort. While on the road, comfort is important especially when you are planning on riding over longer distances.   The aspect of comfort is relevant to several factors. In this, different people will […]

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Top 5 Road Bike Brands you Need to Highlight

Are you looking for a road bike? Looking to first identify the best road bike brands will help you to narrow down your search. By simply starting your search, you will expose yourself to several road bike brands each with a number of models. Each brand serves their target market by highlighting their strengths. To […]

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Useful Tips On How to Change a Road Bike Tire

Riding is exciting regardless of whether you do it for fun during leisure time or when you commute to work. Road bikes are perfectly designed to move at a high speed on any kind of terrain and have guaranteed comfort. When well maintained, road bikes can last for a couple of years. These road bikes […]

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8 Safety Tips For Road Bikers And Pre-Ride Checklist

When you are riding a road bike on the road, it is important to stay safe at all times. Making sure that you are properly prepared before you set off plays a big part in this, and there are several things that you will need to check before you leave for your ride like bike tires, […]

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Top ten places in the world for the best cycling experience

To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical exercise can help us prevent diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Cycling and road biking are two of the best exercises to prevent such diseases caused due to sedimentary lifestyle.If you are looking for an all in one exercise […]

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Top 5 Cycling Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Most people that are involved in a cycling accident could have avoided being seriously hurt. Unfortunately a great deal of cycling accidents are survivable, but the injuries sustained happen after the fact. This is due to improper maintenance of bikes and not using basic prevention techniques available to all road cyclists.   The majority of […]

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How to Buy Your First Road Bike

If you’re looking for style, reliability, speed, and comfort, then a road bike is the perfect option for you. These bikes effortlessly combine aesthetics and performance to give you a high quality model that you can ride for years. However, there are thousands of road bike models being sold, each offering its own set of […]

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