15 Road Bike Cleaning Tips You Should Know : Step By Step Guide

road bike cleaning guide

When you are a regular road biker or a normal guy who uses road bikes (check this buying guide) for fun or for transport him/herself from place to place should know the basic bike cleaning tips.

This is crucial for daily bikers as well as every normal biker because if you don’t do regular bike cleaning then you might be a victim of having corroded bike’s body parts, squeaky brakes or jammed chains.

In this article, you and me going to learn some outstanding easy and quick bike cleaning tips which can make our daily bike cleaning easier.Let’s get started from the beginning.

Things We Need To Have

  1. Hose Pipe
  2. Bucket with soapy water.
  3. Sponge/Towel.
  4. Toothbrush for deep cleaning.
  5. Degreaser.
  6. Lubricant.
  7. Chain Cleaner.
  8. Brush for tough cleaning.

15 Road Bike Cleaning Tips – Step by Step Guide How to Clean a Road Bike

Bike Cleaning Tips

How to clean bike chain with chain cleaner

The First thing of how to clean a road bike is cleaning the chain off the bike first. Use a chain cleaner is very handy for cleaning bike chain in minimal time, if you are a bike mechanic then it is a must-have thing.When you are using a chain cleaner remember to put your bike in the lowest gear and pedal reverse through the chain cleaner.

Use degreaser for smooth chain cleaning

If your bike chain is full of oily specks of dirt which is hard to remove with normal cleaning then use a degreaser. A degreaser is a chemical which is strong substance for removing greasy elements from a bike chain or any junction body parts of a bike.

Use towel/rag for cleaning the bike chain

Now use a towel or piece of cloth for cleaning the degreaser from the bike chain. Hold the towel on the chain and pedal the chain reverse order about 10 times.

Use Toothbrush for leftover dirt on the bike chain

This is a great finishing on the chain before lube. Apply a toothbrush for cleaning the leftover dirts on the bike chain after the towel when it is dry.Apply on the links carefully.

Get a hose garden pipe for showering your bike

This is crucial to have a hose garden pipe for your bike cleaning.Set your hose pipe in showering mode when you apply on the seat or body of the bike but when you go for complex parts of the bike like sprockets, rims, mechs or brakes then set it to jet mode. This will clean most of the dirt.

Have a bucket full soapy water and sponge

After you use a hose then apply soapy water on your entire bike with sponge/towel. Do a strong rub for stubborn dirt.You can use normal soap or dish liquids for cleaning.

Apply degreaser to remove oiliness from the bike

After washing the bike, now apply degreaser again on the bike for greasy elements or stubborn dirts if you need.But careful on the degreaser as it is costly chemical.

Use towel/rag for drying out the body parts

Use your towel/rag again to wipe out the bike and let it for drying.Do it with a clean rag.

Use a normal brush for the rear sprockets and mech

Use a brush for scrub bike rear sprockets and front mech, you can use a screwdriver or a thin stick for cleaning the deep dirts.

Apply degreaser for the rear sprockets and mech

Again use little degreaser for stubborn dirt and mud inside of the sprockets and front mechs. Use hot water and wipe it out with cloth and let it dry.

Use lube to the bike chain

When an entire bike is dry and you don’t have to use water anymore on it then use lube to a bike chain.Use a chain lubricant and apply it to on the links of the chain by rotating the bike paddle.

Use lube to the rear sprockets and front mechs

Now apply lubricants on the rear sprockets and front mechs.The same rule applies for jockey wheels but not too much.Use your fingers to apply lube to the rear and front mech.Use lube to every gears and pivot of the bike and use cloth for wipe extra lubricant.

Clean your tires and rims with cloth and brush

Get a clean piece of cloth and apply on the rims.Use a little bit of degreaser if needs and use a toothbrush for cleaning the angles and the brake pads.Use a brush to rub entire bike tires.

Give this cleaning a wonderful finishing

When the entire bike is clean and dry then you can polish it with some oil all over metal parts and wipe it out with cloth for rust protection.Keep it under the sun unless seat and handles are getting totally dry.


These are the best bike cleaning tips for better results.Now you know how to clean a road bike.

A regular bike rider knows that it is much better to clean your bike on daily routine rather than do it one time in months.Be careful with your bike health as you are riding on it and you have responsibilities for it.

Hope this article might help you.

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