Which Road Bike Size Suits You The Most? (Read This If You Still Confused)

Road Bike Size Guide

Perfect measurement of road bikes is a must for a convenient riding experience.

If you are planning on purchasing a road bike, you need to learn the way of measuring the bike in order to get the most suitable one for yourself.

Having a proper knowledge on the bike size measurement is helpful for avoiding uncertain conditions and accidents. Also, you will get an opportunity to ride without any hassle.

The basic idea of measuring the road bike size is hidden in the size of the frame. Before proceeding you must know your height. To get the most suitable road bike of your size, consider a balance between your height and the C-T distance. This distance is calculated from the seat tube length.


When you have this information, you can choose an appropriate bike from the chart given in the following discussion. In the later discussion, we will dig deep into the process of choosing the exact road bike for you. This involves further discussion on the measurement, quality, and process of selection. So, let’s begin.



Why Having A Perfect Size of a Road Bike Matters?

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The actual answer is riding comfortably. Most of the people use road bikes for traveling to office and educational institutes. Riding from home to such a direction requires going through other heavy vehicles.

To keep the balance, the rider’s feet must touch the ground. While paddling, the rider’s knees have to be kept far from the handle.

Otherwise, there is a strong chance of inconvenient riding and an accident for the worst case scenario.


At the same time, the size of the road bike gives the comfort of having a good view in front. There is absolutely no chance of losing sight behind a car or a bus. Kids and women often face an unfortunate situation because of losing balance. It happens only when the frame is too much high to reach the ground for kids.

Lady’s road bikes are quite identical to the gent’s bike. The only difference is the C-T distance. This difference happens as the leg and handles ratio is not the same for men and women.


Adaptability is another good reason for selecting an ideally measured road bike. Sometimes, you may have to face uneven places on the road. Also, you might require stopping the bike at once. Without having a perfect adaptability with the road bike, these tasks are quite impossible for any rider.

How to Measure the Size of a Road Bike?

The universal way of measuring the size is calculating the length of the frame. You can follow the simple 5-step guide to measure the frame for the latter purpose.

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Step 1: Seat Tube Size

You need to start from the top. At the top position, you will find the clamp for holding the bike seat. Mark the position and take a measurement tape. Place the tape on the top edge of the clamp or seat post and follow the next step.


Step 2: Bracket Centre

The frame and the tube have a connection point at the bottom. This bracket is used for holding cranks. This is your second point for measuring the frame.


Step 3: C-T Distance

Using the tape, record the distance of the first mark and second mark described in the previous steps. This is called the C-T or center to top distance.


Step 4: Measure Your Leg Height

For reaching the paddle, you must know the height of your leg. You will need an assistant for this purpose. This is quite an interesting way of measuring the leg. Simply take a book and place it between your legs. This should be thick enough and spread your feet half a foot. From the top edge of the book to the floor, you will get the expected leg height.


Step 5: Conversion to Centimeter

Generally, manufacturers use centimeters to measure the bike size. This is why you have to convert the collected measurements into centimeters. Also, your height has to be recorded in the same unit.


Step 6: Apply the Chart

When you have all the evidence, you can now apply the chart. Once, age and gender were also considered for road bike selection. Though some women prefer purchasing lady’s road bike, most of the women prefer unisex models. So, these criteria are not applicable. Only the height of the rider, C-T, and leg height are considered for this purpose.

Rider Height (in cm) Frame (in cm) Road Bike Size (universal)
148 to 152 47 to 48 XX small
152 to 160 49 to 50 X small
160 to 168 51 to 53 Small
168 to 175 54 to 55 Medium
175 to 183 56 to 58 Large
183 to 191 58 to 60 X Large
191 to 198 61 to 63 XX Large


Easy, isn’t it?

Practical Experience Values the Most

Though we have presented the most standard and ideal way of getting a suitable size for the road bike, you must remember that every person is different physically. And, the level of comfort also differs.

Considering these two factors, you should try the suitability by going to the shop directly. Ride on a road bike and take a test drive to get an actual idea about your convenience.


We recommend purchasing a road bike which is equipped with a re-sizable seat tube and handle. This will reduce your effort a lot. The cranks should be smooth enough for dealing with the friction.

For purchasing a road bike for your kid, simply put him or her on the seat. Observe carefully that he or she can balance the bike or not. Both feet have to touch the ground. And, hands should reach the handles conveniently. Let him take a test ride to understand the adaptability with the bike.


A healthy bike riding is possible if the knee and handles are kept in an ideal distance. For riders of any age, it has to be checked. Otherwise, continuous bending can cause back pain or slip disc pain.


What is Your Thought About This Sizing Process?

We have discussed based on the expert opinions on road bikes. If you have more information about the measurement of a road bike as well as any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment box. Any query about the procedure is also welcome. Hope this guide will help you in getting a perfect road bike for your day to day use.


Leave a comment to let us know your very own thought about it. Good luck with your bike riding experience!

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