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Web Content Scholarship Program

We are happy to announce the “Web Content Scholarship Program” launched by our website. The topic to write on is “Cycling For A Healthy Life”. This scholarship program is applicable for all the high-school seniors, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The winning entry will get a reward of $1000.

This scholarship program is a brilliant opportunity for all the students who have a special interest towards cycling and the related health benefits. The reward will be given in the form of scholarship check that can be used for the student course works like books, study materials, etc.

We highly recommend the participation of those students who are pursuing their Higher Education in the branches like Marketing, Business, IT, Communications,Health Sciences And Other Related Categories.This scholarship program is a brilliant opportunity for all the students who have a special interest towards cycling and the related health benefits.

General Terms of Participation

For taking part in the scholarship program, the participant has to research and create a piece of content on the following subject-Cycling For A Healthy Life between 500-1000 words.

We want you to include the following ideas on the article:

  • How does cycling help you to stay healthy?
  • How cycling deals with reducing obesity?
  • What are the other health benefits of cycling?

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship program is only for the students pursuing their studies in the schools, colleges or universities. Any other applications will be disregarded.

Creative Skills

The participants are expected to research well on the given topic before creating the article. The article should be unique and innovative. It will be analyzed based on the factual data, usage of words and writing style. Hence, make sure to create a sensible article with the given word limit.

How To Submit Your Application?

The participant needs to create the article in a doc or pdf format. Please attach the completed article in the given format and mail us. The email address to mail your article entries is

Along with the article attachment, the participant will have to provide us with the following information:

  1. Personal Information (Full Name, Phone And Address).
  2. Name of the School/College/University.
  3. Area Of Study.
  4. Any document which can proof that you are a Student.

**By submitting your article, you giving us permission to use the article for marketing and promotional purposes.

Program Deadline

The deadline for the article submission is May 30,2017. The winning article will be chosen and announced on June 10,2017. The winner can expect our check delivered to him/her by June 15,2017. The check will be sent directly to the participant's school/college/university. Please note that our website runs this scholarship on an annual basis.

Note: This is a yearly scholarship and we’ll get different topics on Cycling each year for participation.Best of luck, we look forward to your submission!

Number of applicants (June 10th,2017)

Total Number of received Articles so far : 60

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