Top ten places in the world for the best cycling experience

To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical exercise can help us prevent diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Cycling and road biking are two of the best exercises to prevent such diseases caused due to sedimentary lifestyle.

If you are looking for an all in one exercise to keep yourself fit then your search has comes to an end here and it’s time to grab your new cycle and start road biking for a fresh and healthy lifestyle. If you are still lazy to start the cycling routine, this article will help you to boost your confidence and take up the biking habit. More than the health benefits, it also helps to boost your daily freshness and makes your days more delightful and productive. So once you are motivated to start your cycling routine, the next important thing is to know about the gear and equipment needed for cycling.

The primary task is to choose the cycle that suits your needs. There are many types of cycles for multiple uses. For regular commuting, road bikes are the best choice. There are numerous brands out there and choosing your road bike is completely personal choice depending on your budget and needs. Once you have chosen your cycle, it is important that you are equipped with the required gear for your road bike. Some of the essential accessories for cycling are listed below:

  • bike jersey
  • bike shorts
  • Road bike shoes
  • Road bike Helmet
  • A first aid kitA zipper to carry drinking water

Now comes the question of choosing the best spots for road biking. Cycling is not just an exercise to burn calories but also to provide the cyclist with fun, enjoyment, freshness.So while choosing the spots for cycling it is best to have places that are aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to visit.

This article will guide you through ten of the best places in the world for cycling and road biking. If you stay nearby or if you are a tourist, cycling in one of these spots will be an enthralling experience for a lifetime.

Here are the top 10 aesthetically pleasing cycling spots around the globe-​

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Great Ocean RoadIf you like challenges, you need to check out this 243-kilometer windy road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. The road is a delight to the eye as you can enjoy your riding nearby the cost with the constant sea wind to soothe your body. You won’t even notice your leg’s aching if you take this road. If you have only a single day to spare, take the 60-kilometer road from Torquay to Bells beach.

Udaipur City tour, Rajasthan, India

udaipur cycling city tourSurrounded by ancient forts, majestic palaces and old temples, Udaipur is one of the best cycling experiences in India for cyclists
around the world to explore the true essence of rural India. As Rajasthan is one of the driest places in India, cyclists should carry enough drinking water.



The Karakoram Highway, China-Pakistan border

the karakoram highwayThe Karakoram highway is known as the world highest international road, reaching an altitude of 1200 kilometers at Khunjerab Pass. Cyclist starting from China can take a 1200 kilometers on mostly unpaved roads while experiencing the natural beauty of the ice-capped mountains. As the area is a border between two countries, border security check posts are present and international travelers need to have their visa and other official papers along with them for a secure and easy cycling experience.


Route of the Hiawatha, Idaho-Montana, United States

Route of the HiawathaHiawatha route provides a cycling experience along the most scenic disused railroads in the US. The railroad turned bike route gives you 24 kilometers of biking pleasure which also includes 10 tunnels.



 Around the Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, Taiwan

Around the Sun Moon LakeThis route is located in the heart of the country and the lake has been a great tourist attraction for a long time. Cyclists can enjoy a 3 hour ride by seeing the beauty of the Sun Moon Lake and the aboriginal culture.



Route des Grand Crus, Burgundy, FranceRoute des Grand Crus

800 kilometers of biking experience while enjoying the hills, wooden paths and vineyards. Cyclists can stop by vineries to enjoy some tasty French wine.



Molesworth Road, Christchurch, New Zealand

Molesworth RoadA 320 kilometer rite which consists of some steep up hills but the whole experience is worth it. It is an isolated route and can take up to 5 days to complete the journey so you have to carry enough food and drinking water.


Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Canada-USA

Great Divide Mountain Bike RouteIt is known as the longest off-pavement road in the world. People consider it as the Holy Grail of mountain biking. If mountain biking is your thing, you have found the best spot.



Cycle Route 10, Amsterdam, Holland

Cycle Route 10 AmsterdamIt is known as the most bike-friendly town in the world and the town is home to the most bike-obsessed population in the world. This covers 42 kilometers through canal roads and windmills.



Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia cyclingEven though FRIM is a research institute, it provides bikers with the great opportunity of experiencing flora and fauna at its best while pedaling around.

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