Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike Review

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

Fixed gear bikes or fixies are one of my favorite road bikes to ride around the city. They are simple, light and don’t require much attention as far as maintenance is concerned. There are many fixies on the market that make choosing the perfect one for you a tad difficult. Well, I am here to tell you that the choice just became easy! I have been testing an awesome road bike, the Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike for last few days and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. This latest offering from the trusted name of Vilano is a breath of fresh air!

The Vilano Edge fixie is a stunningly stylish bike that performs like a champ on the streets. The awesome urban design is what distinguishes this bike from the other rather mundane looking competition. The crisp design really catches one’s imagination. I decided to put the Vilano edge to test to see whether there is any substance under that gorgeous look. And boy is it an all-rounder!

In this Vilano Edge fixed gear single speed bike review, I will be discussing some the features of this awesome bike and talk about why you should own one! So, let’s get going.

Is Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike for you?

This Vilano single speed road bike is one of the most important questions to ask. You want a bike that suits your needs. Well, the Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike is for an urban rider. This fixie is light and comfortable riding on city streets.

This Vilano fixie is designed to combine urban looks and classic fixie performance. It is an ideal bike for you if you are someone looking for a bike to commute to work or take a joy ride around the city. The single gear mechanism makes maintaining it easy in the city environment.

If you are looking for a ‘peddle and go’ road bike that matches your style and rides comfortable, the Vilano Edge Fixed gear bike has your name on it!

Top-notch features

When it comes to stylish looking road bikes, performance and build are generally take a back seat. However, with the Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike, stylish looks, and great performance compliment each other perfectly. It is packed with some great features that can give some expensive bikes a run for their money. Let’s check out some of these impressive features:

    • Superior build quality and great design

One of the most impressive aspects of the Vilano Edge bike is the urban geometry design. The high tensile strength steel frame is strong for a solid feeling on the road. All the joins are TIG welded to maximize durability.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this road bike is the color combinations. The bike comes in several vibrant color combinations that are fresh and stylish. The accented bull horn handlebar adds a certain park to the overall design.

One issue that many people have with road bikes is that some of the parts of these bikes are just not up to the mark and need an immediate upgrade. The Vilano Edge is very different in this regard. I did not have a single problem with any of the parts including the saddle or the pedals at all.

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike review
    • Flip-Flop hub

The hallmark of any fixie road bike is a flip-flop hub. The Vilano Edge fixie is also equipped with a flip-flop hub that is super easy to alternate. With a single twist, you can change the bike from a fixed gear mode to a freewheel mode. I did not even need any tools to do it! It is as simple as it can get.

The hub is also built of a high grade steel and is anodized to make it weather resistant. I had no problems riding the bike in rain and through puddles!

    • Great wheelset and alloy brakes

The Vilano Edge come equipped with stunning wheelsets. The 45 mm double walled Deep-V wheelsets are anodized for great durability. The wheels come with extra wide 28c tires to increase the grip on the road in an urban setting. The wide tires really make a difference and the ride is smooth and feels very balanced.

Brakes on a fixie is a sore subject. Many fixies don’t have good braking systems but the Vilano Edge edges out in this department, pun intended! The bike comes with alloy brakes on both front and rear wheel that perform fairly well in all weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Great design, sturdy high tensile steel frame
  • Flip-flop hub with quick changing mechanism
  • High quality alloy brakes on both wheels
  • Platform pedals and a very comfortable urban saddle
  • Great parts and a super-easy assembly
  • One of the most frequent complaints about this bike is the weight. With a weight close of 30 pounds, it is on a heavier side. On a personal level, the weight did not bother me that much, but it is certainly something to bear in mind.

Final Verdict

The Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike is a solid city bike at an affordable price point. The sturdy design combined with stylish looks make this bike a very sensible buy. I would strongly recommend this bike to anyone looking to get a fixie with style and groove! So, what’s the hold up? See you on the road!

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