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Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike review

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I just love the simplicity of a fixed gear bike, or a fixie. It is light, very easy to maintain, cheap and above all, a lot of fun! These road bikes are ideal for a commute to work or a leisure ride around the city. With a ton of fixies to choose from, picking the right one can be a bit overwhelming. In this review, I will be talking about one of my favorite fixie bikes- the Vilano Rampage Fixed gear single speed road bike. This is a gorgeous looking bike that is perfect mix of looks and performance.

The urban vibe going on with this Vilano fixie is just awesome. The striking design and color choices make it really stand out among the competition. However, there is a beast of a performer hidden behind this decadent beauty! The light weight and stylish bike is loads of fun to ride on the streets.

There is no doubt that the Vilano Rampage has killer looks that can give most of the road bikes a run for their money. As for the performance, I put this bike to the test on the road and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Let’s check some of the features in detail now!

Is Vilano rampage fixed gear fixie single speed road bike for you?

The Vilano Rampage Fixed gear single speed road bike is an ideal bike to be ridden around the city. It is extremely light weight with some serious style quotient. I love the looks I got when I took it for spin around the city!

The Vilano Rampage is first and foremost a fixie and hence is very easy to ride and maintain. So, if you are looking for a ride that offers an easy commute with minimal maintenance and maximum oomph, the Vilano Rampage is a bike for you!

Powerfully Impressive Features

The Vilano Rampage is every bit a performer as it is a looker! My experience with the Rampage has been superb. It is very comfortable to ride in any weather conditions and maintenance is a piece of cake. Let’s look at what makes this bike such a delight to ride.

A perfect mix of style and durability

The first thing that invariably pops out when you see the Vilano Rampage Fixed gear single speed road bike, is the frame. It is made from high tensile, TAG welded steel. This gives the bike a superior strength while keeping the weight under 22 pounds.

I was particularly impressed with an impeccable paint job on the bike. The design choice to keep the labeling to a minimum really pays off big time.

Unique and stylish wheelsets

The wheel-sets on this Vilano Fixie really pop. The super deep V (45 mm) and double walled wheel-sets are anodized for greater durability. The bike come with 28c tires to increase road contact. This make the ride feel very comfortable and balanced. The tires also come with accent colors that add to the overall appeal of the bike as well.

The Vilano Fixie road bike also comes with one of the most comfortable platform pedals I have used. You feel very secure and planted while riding on this fixie on any road conditions.

Flip-flop hub

The Vilano fixie is equipped with a flip-flop hub to transform it from a fixed gear to a freewheel with ease. This feature gives the rider the flexibility to convert the bike to suit his/her preference with ease. Also, the front 46 tooth chainring makes a great gear ration for both flat roads and small climbs.

Brakes on both wheels

One of the most common complains about the fixies is that they have pretty flimsy brakes and that the brakes are on only one wheel. However, the Vilano Rampage differs in this aspect greatly. This fixie road bike has a dual brake system. The alloy brakes are good, and perform reliably. However, I have heard some people complaining about the noisy brake-pads. It was not an issue with me but thy are kind of noisy.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Review

Technical details

  1. Bike weight: 22 pounds

2. Wheel size: 700 inches

3. Recommended weight limit: 250 Lbs

4. Assembly required: About 25% assembly is required by the customer

Pros And Cons


      • Great looks and sturdy frame with a minimalistic design approach
      • Quality hubs andwheel sets
      • Flip-flop hubs with an easy transition from fixed gear to freewheel
      • Extra wide tires for a better riding experience on paved streets
      • Brakes on both wheels
      • Awesome color choice


      • With a weight close to 22 pounds, it is not one of the lightestbike on the market
      • Thebrake-pads can be pretty noisy when you apply brakes

The verdict

Vilano Rampage Fixed gear single speed road bike is a great value for money. It is certainly one of the most distinguishing looking bikes on the market that will win you many compliments. Performance wise, the bike is solid performer with a sturdy built quality. I would strongly recommend this bike to anyone who wants an element of style in their ride without compromising on the performance. So, don’t resist the temptation, go get one for yourself!

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