Best Road Bike Under 1500 Reviews

Are you looking for a perfect road bike to make your daily life bit easier! Yes, of course, there are heaves of road bike available in the market under different brands name. However, for most of the buyers, the price is a big considerable issue. We always try to make an economical decision. Unfortunately, shortage of time and unavailable information hinder right decision.

I am here to solve your dilemma. This article describes in details about the ten best road bikes under 1500. You will find a detailed idea regarding the best road bikes under 1500 dollars as well as important instructions how to choose the best road bike for you. So, get ready to have a tour in your dreams bike world!

Five Best Road Bikes Under 1500 Dollars Comparision in 2019

(**At the time of publishing this post,products were under 1500 in Amazon)

ProductFeaturesEditor Ratings
Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike White/Red Sz 18"
lightweight with 4 inch fat tire.
Perfect to ride on any terrain.
[usr 4.5]
Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike, 700c, Black/Red, Medium
Lightweight with great shifters.
Best entry level road bike for a Great price!
[usr 4.1]
Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano, Black, 58cm Large
lightweight frame,strong wheel & smooth shifting. perfect as a commuting bike![usr 3.5]
Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle
Extremely lightweight yet sturdy frame comes with 11 Speed gears. Perfect for everyday ride or racing![usr 5.0]
Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano, Black, 58cm Large
Lightweight frame,strong wheel & smooth shifting comes with a great price tag.
Perfect for everyday use!
[usr 3.5]

Top 7 Road Bike Under $1500 - Reviews

1. Kestrel Talon Tri Bicycle

This stylish tri bicycle comes in Matte Black color and at 57cm size. Kestrel Talon Tri Bicycle is surprisingly light weighted because of the carbon fiber frame.

As a cyclist, you must know frame in the foundation of a road bike. Its’ light weight high module frame ensures your best deal. Just to offer you an agile and smooth riding, Kestrel Talon Tri bicycle complemented with high definition carbon fiber fork.This bike is just perfect for the triathlon race.

Kestrel Talon Tri Bicycle

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

The triathlon configuration assures you the best performance in roadside bike track. It offers Dual-platform geometry for a stable ride. The 700c best-performing wheelset offers easy biking. Moreover, the tube and tunnel guaranteed amazing speed. The Aerodynamic tubing designed in the A2 Wind Tunnel makes Talon Tri bicycle your perfect choice for the triathlon race. Comfortable seat post, wide saddle gives you pleasure to ride both road and triathlon.Kestrel Talon considered one of the best carbon road bike under 1500 on the market.

2. Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

The exclusive design Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat bike comes with white and red color combination. Its’ wide black tire introduced the bike as the fat bike. Minnesota fat bike’s attractive looks and quality configuration distinguish the bike from the entire crowd. Amazingly, this road bike is available in three different sizes. The Alloy frame comes with Alloy rigid fork makes Minnesota the strongest one. It offers you long durable super quality performance. This fat bike considered fashionable and durable features weighted 90 pounds.

Kestrel Talon Tri Bicycle

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

For amusement lover and the new cyclist, this road bike is just more than perfect. The 2x9 gear system alone with the best quality brakes and brakes levers offer safest and comfortable riding.

The handlebar and lock on grips give full control over your riding. You can quickly turn your bike from full gear to freewheel riding mode.

Its’ bottom bracket, front derailleur, rear derailleur, chain, and crankset are just perfectly matched configuration to upgrade your riding experience. Moreover, the best quality perfect integrated Front Hub, Rear Hub, and Spoke configuration naturally make your day special with this best quality long durable bike.

3. Nashbar 105 road bike

If you dream to blown away with a high speed road bike, than Nashbar 105 road bike is perfect for you. It is available in four different sizes.

So you can easily find the best suitable one according to your height. This best performing bike upgrades your biking experience. Sturdy carbon fiber wins the weight weenie wars, but this custom-butted aluminum frame is light enough.

Nashbar 105 road bike review

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

Apparently, you will feel proud to have a Nashbar 105 bike for its speed. The sculpted tubes and tapered headtube of the frame provide quality performance with the super-speedy mode.

Nashbar 105 road bike’s unique configuration comes with exclusive craftsmanship. The black and white color combination offers a super sharp outlook. Its high definition wheelset ensures super speedy, smooth riding. On the other hand, the deep rim is made of aluminum reduces mass rotation.

So, you don’t need to put extra force to enjoy your ride. The shifter, brake lever, and derailleur facilitate you a balance hazard free fly on the bike track.

4. diamondback bicycles 2015 century sports disc complete road bike

Are you thinking to have a stylish and eye-catching road bike, go and grab the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Century Sports Disc Complete Road Bike?

Diamondback 2015 Century Sports Disc bike is available in two different sizes that are large and medium. The buttery shiny looks with unbeatable performance makes the bike one of the best road bike under $1500.

diamondback bicycles 2015 century sports disc complete road bike review

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

The aluminum frame with carbon fork ensures a lightweight, balanced and confidence riding. This feature enables the bike easily and smoothly gets up the top of the hill with less effort at the lowest time.

On the other hand, it takes approximately 45 mph on downhills. The bikes’ particular component configuration includes Ultegra rear derailleur, 105 front derailleurs, 105 STI shifters/brake lever, FSA crank with 386EVO bottom bracket set and TRP Hy/Rd disc brakes.

The comfortable seat post and the perfect diameter of the bike offers a good posture for long distance rides. All these features mentioned above ensure tour best deal for your dream bike.

5. 2015 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Bike

No matter whether you are a commuter, adventurous or a simple bike lover who loves biking as a part of the exercise! 2015 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber bike is suitable for all types of riders.

This bikes’ geometry is set up to adjust to any riding style from road cycling to triathlon competition.

2015 Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Bike

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

2015 Kestrel Talon aero road bike recognized for the versatile and built around performance. This 2015 Kestrel Talon Road Bike consist Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber. So the bike is extremely lightweight.

Its high-quality components and modern design structure offer you best performance to secure the aggressive position in triathlons competition.

This bike is available in Black, Grey and Red combination with 55cm size. The 700c wheel size and caliper brake style ensure easy and smooth riding with balanced control over your bike.

6. 2015 Tommaso Monza Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike Review

If you are an adventurous person and ready to upgrade your riding experience to the next level 2015 Tommaso Monza Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike is for you. This Italian Heritage craftsmanship trendy bike comes with upgraded Shimano Gears. The stunning look with black, gray color combination makes you feel different.

This stylish road bike is available in four different sizes. So, you need not be tensed to get the perfect one for you.

2015 Tommaso Monza Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike Review

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

2015 Tommaso Monza is extremely lightweight as it built in on compact Frame Combined with high modulus carbon fiber fork. This feature ensures maximum protection against road vibration.

The Shimano 105, Tiagra Derailleur & Shifters provide accurate and smooth shifts as well as an easy brake. Tommaso Monza road bike is perfect for any bike track. You can enjoy a fabulous riding experience on the steep road. The FSA Vero Crankset offers you smooth, easy riding on steep road path.

7. Diamondback bicycles 2015 haanjo comp complete alternative road bike

The Diamondback bicycles 2015 Naranjo comp complete alternative road bike helps you to distinguish yourself among crowd through its flashy components. The bike is available at Small and Medium size. The 6061 T6 aluminum frame with DB Road Disc ensures smooth riding experience. The Fork steerer is made up of alloy while its’ blades are of pure carbon. So the bike is extensively lightweight that is approximately 34 pounds.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Haanjo Comp Complete Alternative Road Bike

(**At the time of publishing this post,product were under 1500 in Amazon)

The FSA headset, bottom bracket, and cranks with Shimano 10-speed shifter added extra value. Moreover, the TRP hydraulic disc brakes ensure powerful stopping capacity to navigate on tricky terrain. This road bike is featuring to cover 100 miles or more per day. So, you can enjoy a comfortable, effortless flexible riding experience with Diamond Bicycle.

How to pick a Road Bike Within Your Budget?

A bike’s different component and their performance determine its’ quality. To select a best road bike, you need to consider some important factors related with road bike’s configuration.

Here I am talking about the Gear function, Brake types, Wheel size, Frame material and, of course, your budget and price range. Following are some useful types to choose the right road bike under $1500.


 » Number of Gearsroiad bike gear

The gear number and Gear ratio determine your comfortable and smooth riding. Some road bikes come with one gear and fixed gear ratio. However, best quality bike’s gear and gear range varied with a different style. Gear ratio refers the number of teeth on the chain to the number of teeth on the rear sprocket. Road bike under $1500 are most likely consist a total of 20 or 27 gears. Road bike with 20 or 24 gear speed is best for commuter or recreational biking. On the other hand, 27 gear bikes with easy gear shifting facility enable a cyclist trouble-free climb to hilly track or smooth effortless and fast ride in any terrain.

» Brake Type

road bike brake

To have a good quality performance of your road bike, you should go for caliper type brakes. However, some bikes are available with leaner pull brake. Caliper brake works best on the dry environment. It is mostly recommended for lightweight, easy to adjust and use a function. Furthermore, road bikes with caliper brakes are economical, affordable as well as offer a reliable riding experience.

Conversely, to get the best experience out of your bike disc brakes are best but those are quite expensive.

» Wheel Size

road bike wheelWheel size is an important determinant of your bike performance. So, to have a greater experience you must need to pay more attention about your bike’s wheel diameter. Usually, most of the road bikes come with standard size wheel that is 700x25c. These types of wheels are slightly thick and enable to absorb more shock. So, for entry level user 700x25c wheels are best.

Wheel type relates with a bike weight, responsiveness, and stability. Light weighted wheels (700x20c) are responsive and fast but those are less durable. These wheels are perfect for the recreational biker. For bike racer, 700x23c wheels are best.

» Frame Material

road bike framesWhile you need to think about the road bike’s frame material, you just left with three options. These options verify yours’ bike weight. The aluminum frame is most popular in compare with steel and carbon fibers. The carbon fiber frames are least weighted, long durable and most expensive. The best quality carbon fiber frame makes a bike more costly and expensive. So, if you are looking for an economical deal the best option is Aluminum frame.

This type of frame is also lightweight and long durable. For best road bikes under $1500, aluminum frames are best. This frame is inexpensive but offers you a solid attractive bike with a comfortable and balanced ride.

On the other hand, Steel frame is quite heavy. This type of frame is usually liked by the young rider for the solid impressive look at the lowest price.

» Price/Budget

Price is the only factor that affects your decision regarding all overall configuration of a road bike. Everyone wants to have the best things. Thus, you might dreams of carbon fiber disc brake high definition bike. However, budget constraints limit our decision-making area.

Hence, $1500 is a standard budget for having a good quality road bike. When you looking at your desire ride just make sure the frame quality is impressive. So, later on, you can upgrade other components if needed.


In the competitive business world buyers always get plenty of options. Sometimes these options create confusion and end up with a bad deal.

To make sure your best deal it is good to take a quick trip in this review. If you consider the tips I have explained here  before buying, you can easily find the best bike for you within budget. Good luck with your shopping!

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