Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

If you are an urban dueler with die heart interest for having a stylish, long durable bike, then Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike is the best solution for you.

This mid ranged Critical Cycles has taken bike riding experience of bike lovers to the next level with its remarkable features, such as Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Frame.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike has exclusive features. It will make bike riding full of excitement for all the expert and inexpert hardcore fan of biking.

Therefore, this bike complies me to discuss all the perks it offers to us along with its unique features and user-friendly nature.

Exclusive Features

This Single Speed road bike draws the attention of customer from all aged by its elite features. It offers a great combination of world class branded components those are essential for a quality bike.

The enthusiastic bike lover will get a complete package of brand name components along with his dream bike.

These are Neco Headset and Bottom Bracket, Wanda Tires, KMC Chain, Well-Go Pedals, Pro-Max Brakes, Protek 3-Piece Crank and Alloy Lightweight Chain wheel. This product presented you options to choose among five different sizes: X-Small (43cm), Small (49cm), Medium (53cm), Large (57cm), X-Large (60cm).

Are you looking for bike with some rare attractive colors!! Do hurry to have your desire one. In that case, you can certainly jump over to have this Critical Cycles Fixies. It provides you a wide variety of color combinations, such as Gray/Orange, Matte Black, White/Black, Black/Red, Tan, Light Blue, Pink/Celeste, Celeste/Silver and Blue/Aqua.

Furthermore, it facilitates you the flexibility with the removable sticker so that you can customize your bike look as you want.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Road  Bike

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

 Attractive design

This Premium Hand-Built Critical Cycles Fixies is made up of Steel fixed gear with single speed track frame. Moreover, the frame can bar spin. Its' geometry is perfect with no toe overlapping hurdle. Be ready to surprise with this unexpected light weight mid ranged bike.

This bike is specially designed for the commuter lifestyle with tig-welded steel frame. It comes with horizontal dropouts. The component set is just right matched for riding around city, town, beach boardwalk, and for performing freestyle tricks.

Flexible Fixie Gear

The Gear ratio is just perfect for this urban road bike. That is 48:16. The flexible fixie gear includes flip-flop hub for effortless shifting from fixed-gear to easily switch on freewheel with a standard single speed. Super Deep-V controlled the balance of this bike.

So, no worries whether you are a learner or expert bike rider you will definitely enjoy this riding. Along with flip-flop hub, the double wall rims on wheelset comes with bottom bracket sealed to ensure safety from moisture or dirt.

Powerful tires and handlebars

No worries about potholes and rough asphalt road construction with your seven hundred wheel size Wanda tires. The BMX style handlebars ensure safe riding. You will feel comfortable to use this bike far from the city as well with this handlebars feature.

These features are included considering customer satisfaction.

You can depend on your bike for day-in-day-out or for many years to come. The Pro-Max Brakes and Protek 3-Piece Crank equipped your bike with super shock absorber capacity.

This bike is easy to control in a greatly smooths bumps or in slight rough tracks. This bike has everything to enthrall your bike riding experience in adventurous level.


  • Easy to hand built without having prior experience and instruction tools provided in the package
  • Flexibility to use in fixed gear mode or re-install rear wheel
  • The gear system is uncomplicated consist with high-quality tires


  • The seat is a little stiff but pretty comfortable.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I can state that I have the bulk of reasons to believe this Urban Road Bike consist perfect attributes with right from of frame, handlebars, wheels, tires, gear, and brakes and tie each component correctly and efficiently.

Thus, this is the ideal mid ranges urban bike that satisfied any customers need.

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