Taking Your First Road Bike Tour-5 Things You Need To Do First

Your first road bike tour is a real experience to look forward to. You get an opportunity to enjoy nature in a great way, enjoying the views the winds, exercise your body and maybe form a platform for what is going to be part of your life.

To enjoy all this, you need to be adequately prepared physically and psychologically. Also, you need to prepare your road bike for the undertaking ahead.


prepare for first road bike tour

» Preparing your body

Before hitting the road, it is important to prepare your body for the new task. It is important you note that taking a ride on the bike is more physical than when you are on a car or truck.

Ensure that you prepare your body through exercise.

It will make sure you do not strain your muscles during the event, increase your stability and hence reduce chances of accidents or falls.

road bike gear

» Get the right riding gear

Like every other sport, there is a special gear required while riding your bike. This requires being light enough to ensure your mobility is not affected, while offering adequate protection from with and other weather effects that may be prevalent.

Among the important thins required in this regard include:

Helmet – This is worn to the head and protects against strong winds. It is also an important safety gear in the event of an accident as it protects the head from adverse injuries.

– Gloves – the gloves protect your hands from the wind while ensuring you get the right grip on the handlebars. Choosing the right size and material for the gloves is important for this factor.

Riding boots – you cannot use any shoe to ride. Riding boots are specially designed to grip the pedals firmly while still ensuring comfort while pedaling.

– Kneecaps – these are worn on the knees and are used to offer protection from an injury in the event of a fall.

– Riding jackets, pants and shorts are available in varying sizes and designs. Choosing the right combination requires consideration of various factors among them the prevailing weather, your taste and the company in which you will be riding.


» Preparing Your Road Bike

Before you hit the road, ensure your road bike is in shape. This may entail visiting a qualified service technician to have the bike checked for suitability.

If you intend to use a new one, get acquainted with the bike before the set day for the ride. As part of preparing the bike, ensure you have sought to advise on the spares you may require on the way and seek them out early enough.


» Preparing what to carry along 

Once you are well prepared for the first road bike tour, it’s time to consider what to carry along. It is important to note that the most likely method that you will carry your luggage through the ride is on your back.

For this reason, ensure the load you pack is light enough and as consists of the most important things for the journey. Key things you will require in your backpack include-


– A set of spanners and other repair tools

– A bottle of water

– Snacks

– You should have a set of clothes if riding for extended periods

– Space for your phone or other communication gadgets you may require during the ride

– Pain killers and muscle relaxing medications

 road bike tour

What you need to know before you start with the ride?


It is important that you seek some experience on simple repairs. Such as includes changing the bike tires, tightening or loosening of different parts that may require changing.

This knowledge will help you not to get stuck in any events with biking problems.


It is important that you understand the route you intend to follow during the ride. As such, you will be able to identify the right spot to take rests, where to get supplies or help if the need arises.

This will also provide information on the kind of terrains you are likely to encounter to make yourself adequately prepared.


Final thoughts 

Preparing for your first bike tour is a moment that comes with a lot of excitement. You are anxious about what to encounter if you will make it and many other issues.

It is important to ensure you make adequate preparations that will ensure you go through safely

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