How to properly lock a bicycle

how to lock a bicycle

Trying to go eco-friendly and thinking of saving the environment from air pollution. Two ways to do so are by walking or riding a bicycle.

As much as walking is fun, it is not such a practical idea for longer distances. The best option would be to invest in a bicycle to go from one place to another.

After buying that perfect, beautiful and let’s not forget expensive bicycle, the next step in this investment is how to properly lock your bicycle to keep it safe from potential thieves.

Investing in a good quality bicycle lock, which is a security lock fastened to a fixed object like a bicycle rack, is a good way to start.

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For some amateur bicycle riders, this may seem easy and straightforward but experienced bicycle thieves will find a way around your expensive bicycle locks if the bicycles are not locked properly.

Therefore it is crucial to know how to properly lock a bicycle.

These are some 10 simple guidelines that will teach you how to properly lock your precious bicycle and deter any bicycle theft from occurring.

10 ways How to properly lock a bicycle discussed below

Choosing the proper locks

The First and foremost the important step is to find the right type of bicycle lock. There are three major types of bicycle locks, U-lock, Chain lock and Cable lock.

U-lock is the most popular for bicycle riders in metropolitan and cities because they are lightweight and easy to carry. They are usually strong, secure and unbreakable. Investing in this type of lock will be a major relief.

But the inflexibility of U-Lock limits itself from being locked anywhere else other than a bicycle rack. A bicycle rack is a stationary device attached to the ground to secure your bicycle.


A typical U-lock, Chain lock, and Cable Lock

locking bike with U-lock 

How to lock a bicycle without a bicycle rack


How to lock a bicycle without bicycle rack is a major concern with U-lock, in this case, other great options would be the chain and cable locks.

Since other locking objects are less compatible with U-lock, chain and cable locks can be used to lock the bicycle to lamppost or fences or whatever you find attached to the ground.

Although these are great alternatives, they can be easily broken with a lock breaker.

If you want something flexible and don’t mind the extra weight investing in a heavy thick chain would be the best option.


A bicycle locked to the lamppost with a chain lock


Choose a suitable location

Parking your bicycle in a crowded area will help minimize the chances of theft.

A thieve will think twice before stealing a bicycle in front of witnesses.


Finding the best object to secure it to

The first option to secure your bicycle is to look for an indestructible bicycle rack.

If you live in an urban area you will be able to find a bicycle rack around every corner.


A rigid bicycle parking rack 

bike locking tips

Lock the bicycle frame with the wheel to the secure object

Only locking wheels to the locking object will not deter thieves. They can easily unattach the wheel from the frame and steel the most important part of the bicycle.

You have to lock the frame with wheels to the locking object or bicycle racks to make it harder for the thief to break your lock.

Using two different types of locks

What’s better than using a lock to secure your bicycle? Its using two locks at the same time.

While using one is a good option, using two will secure your wheel and frame from being stolen.

It is better to use two different types instead of the same type of lock because most thieves carry one type of lock breaker.

In this case, even if one of the locks are broken, the other one will discourage the thief from stealing it.


A bicycle locked using a chain and U-lock 


Make sure the lock is far away from the ground

If the lock is close to the ground the thief can use the ground as a base to keep the lock and hammer to smash the lock. Therefore always keep the lock away from the ground.


The U-lock is far from the ground 

pink bike locked on a road

The lock should be hard to access

The harder it is to access the lock the more protective the lock will be from thieves.

It is advisable to keep the key mechanism downward that will prevent the thief from tempering the key mechanism.


Minimize the space within the lock

Try to minimize the space within the lock as much as possible because if there is no room the thief cannot insert bottle jack to break the lock as most U-lock is broken by inserting bottle jack within space available in locks.


No space available within the lock 


Using Sheldon locking way

The Sheldon way’s is securing rear wheel of the bicycle with U-lock. This way is okay when you can’t lock the bicycle with frame and bike tires to the locking object.


Sheldon locking method

Besides these steps, you can write your name on the bicycle, have proof of ownership or even make your bicycle look unattractive to deter the thieves. Or you can remember these guidelines on how to lock your bicycle properly.


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