How To Use Road Bike Gears : A Guide for All the Riders


The most useful factor of having a road bike is its gears. Road bike gears are the actual tool for decreasing plenty of human efforts.


Appropriate uses of the road bike gears can give you an outstanding riding experience.


However, for beginners, this may seem a bit difficult. But soon the system will get adapted to your riding habit.


The usability of road bike gears is in saving a plenty of energy while pedaling.


It does not matter either you need to climb an uphill or going downward, the gears help in keeping the cadence at the most suitable position. You can continue going without spending much of your energy.


The user manual for road bike gears is quite simple. All you need to remember the speed of the bike and the nature of the path.


Also, the positioning of each of the gears is also important. Rear gears are controlled through the levers in right hand. And, front gears are controlled in the left hand. The front derailleur controls the speed of your front wheel during the drive.


You must have the knowledge of shifting each of the gear according to the road’s nature. In an uphill climbing situation, keep the gear down to the lowest number.


This will let you make short cadence and you can climb easily. While doing the opposite, shift the gear and you will not require pedaling much for a long time.


This is the basics of using road bike gears. If you need to learn more of this, you can find the following section very helpful.



Why is Shifting Gears Matter for a Biker?


Road bikes are equipped with a lot of options. Variety of gears and using less energy for going to a long distance is one of them.

The more you are capable of shifting gears properly and using them on a journey, making a long distance journey will be more interesting and less energy consuming.


An energy efficient riding means that you have to put the right amount of pressure for getting the maximum speed. You should keep the stamina during the overall process.

How Many Gears Does Your Road Bike Have?

In the most of the cases, a road bike is compared with another by its number of gears. Actually, this fact will matter only when the requirement is fulfilled. The process of identifying the number of gears in your road bike is very simple. Follow the below steps.


Step 1: Count the Pedal Gears

You will notice there are several cassettes on the base of the pedals. Count it as the front gears.


Step 2: Count the Rear Gears

Now, count the gear cassettes in the rear wheel. This number represents the rear gear of the bike.


Step 3: Multiply

Finally, multiply the rear and front gears in order to get the number of gears equipped in your bike.

When you get to know the number of speed variations, it will become easier for the rider to ride properly and shift the gear without hesitating.


There are a lot of road bikes in the world. And, the number of gears varies from one to another. Depending on your personal preference, you need to choose one. Fixed gear road bike was a sensation at a time.


Now, riders want more variations and customization. If you need a standard quality of road bike, go for an 18 gear road bike. This is an appropriate choice for any urban condition.




What are the Advantages of Shifting Gears in a Road Bike?


The major reason is reducing extra effort and making the journey comfortable. Keeping the cadence and going without losing stamina are also considered as important issues for shifting gears. The advantages are given in the following in details:


  • Stamina

When you learn to shift gears properly, you will not require a lot of efforts for riding the bike. The stamina plays an important role in bike riding. Exact and proper use of gears enables the rider to save energy and go as far as he wants.

This conservation of stamina during a riding session helps in keeping good health.


  • Speed

The cadence of a road bike depends on efficient pedaling. This is also effective for the speed variations.

For example, whenever you are climbing an uphill, it will not be possible to keep the same pace without increasing pedaling acceleration. Gears help in going upward without changing the pedaling.

This will cost you less energy.


  • Control

Wheels are dependable on gear cassettes. When you learn the uses of gears of a road bike, controlling the bike becomes an easy task.


How To Use Road Bike Gears Full Walk-through


Let’s take a look at the detail procedures for using road bike gears:


Step 1: Changing Front Gears

The gear controls are located in the left handle. Press the lever with your thumb. Keep it down to the lowest number.


Step 2: Changing Rear Gears

Rear gear controls are positioned in the right handle. This is like a brake lever. Pull it to increase the number. Another switch underneath the lever is used to decrease the gears.


Step 3: Identify the Compatibility

When you are riding and want to use less energy, you have to down the gear. This is a combined task. The front gear has to be set in the lowest number and the rear gear to the highest. This is called the “gear down” process.


The circumstance helps in pedaling easily without getting more power. The vice-versa is applicable for pedaling with extra effort for more powers. It will happen when you gear up the road bike.


Step 4: Shifting Practice

After you ride for the first time with a lower gear, you need to set it to the low. And, start practicing the shifting process in a flat road. Eventually, start building up the speed and shift both gears accordingly.


Front small and rear big means less power and more pedaling convenience. You will burn fewer calories and the bike will go normally. Doing the opposite will give you more power and less comfort.

When you get compatible on flat lands, start using the gears in an uphill for climbing up and getting down. This will take a while to figure out your level of comfort on a road bike.



Things to Remember When Practicing


You should not expect perfection for the very fast moment. It takes time to adjust with the pace of the road bike and your energy.

The combination has to be perfect in order to get the best result. Unless you know when to shift, don’t ride in a crowded area where the roads are upward sloping.

Learning how to conserve the energy helps in putting the bike for a long journey.



What Will You Consider About The Process?


If this guide helps you in knowing the basics about road bike gears, please let us know about your first-hand experience.

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